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Prufiernaturals is a family owned company known for its Natural ingredients and high quality natural skin care products. We believe in staying natural in our formulations and do not mass-produce our products, we form small batches for ultimate freshness.
Our company was established in 2013 in Istanbul and manufactured products for the target of being one of innovative and leading companies in the hairdresser sector. Our products being unique, quality and low priced which have been developed by R&D department attracted great attention and received appreciation. As SAFIRES KOZMETIK we target to strengthen our place and have a strong structure to compete in the world markets by manufacturing right products in the right way needed by hairdressers or companies.
BB Derma Cosmetics, a prestigious Company of diversified personal care products, was established in 2013 to effectively meet the personal cosmetic needs of today’s very demanding consumers around the world. Despite its short history, the company has deservedly grown to become one of Turkey’s most prominent Cosmetic Companies and a world-renowned supplier of high quality and price-competitive products. This is basically because the founders of BB Derma Cosmetics, who are professionally active in the day-to-day running of the company, have over 15 years of profound knowledge and extensive experience acquired from their top-level managerial accomplishments in multi-national cosmetic companies. BB Derma Cosmetics is professionally and meticulously managed by highly-skilled, diligent, and conscientious personnel who genuinely care about customer satisfaction and share the company’s esteemed moral values. Despite its short history, the company has deservedly grown to become one of Turkey’s most prominent Cosmetic Companies and a world-renowned supplier of high quality and price-competitive products.
Parlement Cosmetics has been one of the most important institutions of its sector since 1985 with the principle of quality production and competitive prices.With its 32-year experience,Parlement Cosmetics is a leading Turkish company operating at production of cosmetic products like hair care products,personal care products and deodorant&perfume. R&D activities are conducted by an experienced crew in fully-equipped laboratories with recent technologies. Our products are undergone all necessary quality control and microbiological tests.
As Garlex we manufacture and supply cosmetics, herbal products, herbals, shampoos, hair care products, hair serums, creams, foot care products, masks, sprays, garlic shampoos, skin care products, spirulina kaolin masks, spirulina masks, kaolin masks, hair care serums, intense care shampoos, carob shampoos, garlic carob shampoos, garlic oat shampoos, garlic nigella shampoos, garlic almond shampoos, garlic pine terebentine shampoos, garlic olive oil shampoos, hair care lotions, anti acne masks, anti-aging masks, anti-stain masks, anti-wrinkle masks, pores minimizer masks, smoothing masks, foot anti-odors, shoes anti-odors, hair shampoos, shower shampoos, hair shampoos for horoscope, shower shampoos for horoscope, hair care products by blood type, skin care products by blood type, body care products by blood type, cosmetic, herbal product, herbal, shampoo, hair care product, hair serum, cream, foot care product, mask, spray, garlic shampoo, skin care product, spirulina kaolin mask, spirulina mask, kaolin mask, hair care serum, intense care shampoo, carob shampoo, garlic carob shampoo, garlic oat shampoo, garlic nigella shampoo, garlic almond shampoo, garlic pine terebentine shampoo, garlic olive oil shampoo, hair care lotion, anti acne mask, anti-aging mask, anti-stain mask, anti-wrinkle mask, pores minimizer mask... Atik Foreign Trade is a young company started in 2009 about natural products. Established by young entrepreneurs Garlex® started off to present high quality and economic products satisfying our customers. The company targets to be one of the leading companies in the sector. We will continue to work on new products and we will be at your service with our ever-increasing range of products. And we develop products that are unprecedented in the marketplace for our valued customers. We will soon be serving you in turn. Garlex® is a registered trademark of Garlex Natural Products.
Glohe presents an all-natural way of life that cares for people and nature. The company was founded to produce all-natural products by combining nature's strength with scientific innovation. It produces flora-friendly skincare products, personal and home care products, and cleaning and baby products at its Tuzla facility. For the past three years, Glohe has been collaborating with Bioarge Laboratories in R&D, making it possible to develop human and nature-friendly products through testing of raw materials and all production processes. Glohe also examines its products through testing performed at Yeditepe University Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Cosmetics Research and Production Unit laboratories.
ALPAYA Dermaceuticals is an R&D company that develops and manufactures products resulting from new scientific breakthroughs. We provide effective and permanent solutions to ever-changing skin&hair pro. What we develop is the best and most effective products for your skin and hair, using the most natural formulas with natural and innovative active ingredients. These active ingredients are exclusively available to us as a result of our joint research projects with our business partners in Europe and the U.S. To satisfy women needs for beauty and health by creating innovative formulations that ensure proven results and cosmetic pleasure. We explore the synergistic effects of vitamins, herbal extracts, phyto proteins and natural minerals and use them only in the right amounts and the right combinations, which are more effective than their natural form. For 20 years, we have been committed to produce effective and permanent solutions to skin & hair problems.
M KOZMETIK Kimya Tic. Ltd. Sti has been service in Konya since 2007. The aim of our company which makes production in high quality standars, is to take firm steps forward for being a world's leading brand with our wide range of products in the cosmetics industry. Our company which aims to offer the best and top quality product to our customers, therefore, always prefers top quality materials and superior production. We undertake to be a company which considers human health at every stage of production without compromising quality; keeps continuous customer satisfaction at the highest level with products providing hygiene and relief that are first in new product design by responding to the changing and evolving expectations; has a say in the industry by acting with the principle asserting that the most valuable resource is human, the most valuable guide is quality; continuously develops and improves quality management system with the participation of trained and qualified personnel.
KDY GLOBAL manufactures and exports cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products, shampoos, sun creams, probiotic products, peeling products, tonics, cleansings, soothing creams, softening creams, anti aging creams, sun care products, make up cleaning products, baby care products, mum care products, cosmetic, skin care product, hair care product, shampoo, sun cream, probiotic product, peeling product, tonic, cleansing, soothing cream, softening cream, anti aging cream, sun care product, make up cleaning product, baby care products... As KDY Global, we brought together the 20 years of experience in R&D, production, marketing, sales and trading to create the brand CUIQ Smart Beauty. We give value to creativity, reliability, naturalness, sincerity, technology, sustainability, innovation, being solution oriented, being customer oriented, transparency and permanent improvement. We built our business system on the idea of responding to our customer needs quickly and make them happy. We aim to make our brand, CUIQ Smart Beauty, one of the most successful ones in the World having a respectable share in global trade.
Fulser is established in 1995, in Turkey. In our range, it has products which are based natural ingredients and suits for the exact demand of person. And this range expands continuesly. The company (Fulser) has brands which are manufactured in Germany. These brands has been approved by European standarts and produced with high German technology, quality and sensitivity. By the help and revolutionary ideas of expert scientists and chemists, combines with the power of natural ingredients and being served for you. We reach our customers through pharmacies, national and local market chains, cosmetics chains and much more, in all over Turkey. We are working with pleaseure for more than 20 years, in all 81 cities, in Turkey.